Alfombra enganchada americana vintage (desgastada)
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Alfombra enganchada vintage americana (desgastada) BB6952

Precio: $9,000

Proliferating in regions where winters were long, the climate cold and the economy limited, American hooked rugs have been important utilitarian objects and means of artistic expression. The elegant piece before your eyes represents a traditional face of this long-established craft. Its design is exceptionally well-balanced – the vast field is subtly patterned but the only figurative motif is a magnificent floral wreath in the center that serves for a medallion. The simple border beautifully completes the whole. The color palette featuring shades of green, from dusty through teal to moss, off-white and beige will easily match any kind of interior arrangement.

This vintage American hooked rug is an authentic creation from the first half of the 21st century. Due to its venerable age, the piece is slightly timeworn yet minor defects add to it a great deal of charm and uniqueness. The rug was carefully made by hand of natural materials. Provided minimum amount of care, it will withstand years of usage, pleasing the eyes of its owners and complementing the décor.

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Artículo .: BB6952 Hacia: 1940 Superficie: 11'3 "× 14'2" (342 431 cm ×)
Color: Beige, Verde Estilo: Floral Origen: Alfombras estadounidenses