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Alfombra Vintage Indian Dhurrie BB6927

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Dhurrie, a traditional Indian rug, has been distinctive of India for centuries. These relatively light but durable weavings are impenetrable to silverfish and other insects responsible for destroying carpets. Dhurries are an important part of Indian culture – they have always transcended social boundaries by serving in houses of poor and rich alike.

The vintage Indian rug before your eyes is a unique example of this centuries-old craft. Its appearance differs from that of a typical, blue-and-white dhurrie. Although made in Asia in the mid-20th century, it carries a design bearing distinctive features of Art Nouveau. The geometric pattern is executed in subtle pastel tones, including blue, pink, green, white and beige. The fringe adorning the edges softens geometricism and gives the rug a slightly whimsical character.

This magnificent piece has survived until this day in excellent condition due to refined workmanship. It was carefully hand-woven by a skilled artisan in accordance with the craft. Provided minimum amount of care, the flat-weave will withstand many years with no signs of wear, being the centerpiece of any décor.

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Artículo .: BB6927 Hacia: 1950 Superficie: 7'10 "× 8'10" (238 269 cm ×)
Color: Azul, Verde, Rosa, Blanco Estilo: Geométrico Origen: Alfombras indias