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Vintage Rug BB6999 Samarcanda

Precio: $4,000

Although its name translates harshly as “stone fort”, Samarkand is a weaving center that gave life to many outstanding and graceful creations sought-after by collectors and designers around the world. This vintage rug is a paragon of the remarkable Samarkand craftsmanship that exhibits uniqueness, diversity and quality of textiles coming from the oasis town.

The main field is occupied by an extensive rhomboidal medallion – in the orient, the shape of a diamond is considered a powerful protective symbol warding off the Evil Eye. The series of borders with geometric motifs complements the whole. The color palette of the vintage Samarkand rug is simple, almost austere, and consists of light gray with beige undertones and brown. It will easily match a wide variety of modern interior arrangements. Such a composition is not too timid nor bold, just perfect for all connoisseurs of timeless design.

The enchanting design is followed by masterful execution – the vintage Samarkand rug was meticulously hand-knotted of the first-rate wool according to traditional techniques. If properly maintained, the carpet will serve its owners for generations, as it already has for over 60 years, without any signs of wear.

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Artículo .: BB6999 Hacia: 1948 Superficie: 3'9 "× 6'10" (114 208 cm ×)
Color: Beige, Marrón Estilo: Casual